***COVID-19 UPDATE June 22nd, 2020***

With Phase II of Ontario’s plan for re-opening the province underway, and the release of Core Set 2021 and other big products coming up, we thought it would be a good time to do another update with the status of our business and the store. In short, not much has changed.

As a collectibles and hobby shop we are in the unique position where our storefront consists of a very large play area, and a very small retail area; as our focus has always been providing a space for our community and ourselves to interact and enjoy hobbies together. With the safety of our community still compromised by COVID-19, we believe it is in the best interest of all parties that our storefront remain closed in an effort to keep potential exposure to an absolute minimum, so that when the day comes when we can return, we can all do so in good health and with as little potential exposure as possible.

With curbside pickup, delivery within KW, and shipping options available, we will continue to work to provide you, the community, with all your hobby needs in the best way we can. For all of those we have had the opportunity to have conversations with; whether it be during a curbside pickup, on our discord, or over social media, YOU are the reason we love doing this so much, and we cannot wait for the day we can safely invite you back into what is for many of us our second home.

Outlined below is a list of updates and services we are providing while our storefront remains closed:

1. TOURNAMENTS: Our tournaments have seen some changes in the last couple weeks, and we think we have found a way to provide some high value tournament magic that will scratch the itch but won’t take up your whole day. First off, we have Modern FNM on MTGO! Fridays at 7:00pm we run a 4-round maximum $10 entry fee modern event that pays out $70 in Store Credit to 4-0’s and $30 in Store Credit to 3-1’s. We also give out promo packs randomly to participants! Never played MTGO before? Use our promo code “GAB20” on ManaTraders to receive 20% off your first three months using their rental service! Saturday at 12:00pm we run MTGArena Standard! Same structure as our fnm event (4 rounds maximum, $70 to 4-0, 30 to 3-1, promo packs given randomly). We have also set up a discord for our community to be able to connect with each other, receive tournament updates, or just hang out: https://discord.gg/MaJNjfY All of our online events are run through the MTGMelee.com platform, a fluid, user friendly platform that was made specifically with MTG in mind. Our organizer page can be found here: https://mtgmelee.com/Organization/View/74. Tournament registration closes 15 minutes before each event, so make sure to register early and don’t miss out!

2. PURCHASING/RECEIVING PRODUCT: Our online store is always up and running, and you can find a huge selection of singles and sealed product through our website: https://chimeragamingonline.com/. Our Featured Products page will give you insight into new and upcoming products available! To receive product there are a few options available. A: Contactless Curbside pickup B: Contactless Delivery in Kitchener-Waterloo (minimum $25 order) C: Shipping (use code ‘EYEPATCH’ for free shipping on any order of SINGLES $100 or more in Canada). If you are looking to put in an order and none of these options work for you (i.e. you would like to do some trades), feel free to send us a message either through facebook, email, or discord, and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

3. Core 2021 prerelease weekend (Friday, June 26th – Sunday, June 28th). With Core 2021 quickly approaching, we wanted to quickly go over how this coming weekend will work! **NOTE: If you pre-ordered bundles/collector boosters/planeswalker decks/singles they will NOT be available until July 3rd. Prerelease weekend products ONLY include draft booster boxes/prerelease kits**. Hours for the weekend will be as follows for curbside pickup:

Friday, June 26th, from 10:00AM – 8:00PM
Saturday, June 27th, from 12:00PM – 6:00PM
Sunday, June 28th, from 12:00PM – 6:00PM

Lastly, we wanted to take a moment and mention that we received an email a few days ago that we had been nominated for the Record Readers’ Choice Awards. We have been nominated in 2 categories: Collectibles Shop, and Hobby/Toy Store. If you like what we do and would like to see us recognized, you can nominate us once per day until July 26th here: https://www.therecord.com/readersch…/business/chimera-gaming

Above all, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time. Feel free to send us a message if there is anything you would like to see offered that we are not already doing, or even if it is just to say hello. We miss you all and cannot wait till we are able to play some games with you again!

Chimera Gaming

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