***COVID-19 Update May 18th 2020***

On Thursday, May 14th the Ontario government announced the beginning of “stage 1” for re-opening the province. This is the first of 3 stages, and with it comes the availability for stores like us to allow access to the public given that procedures around physical distancing are in place and enforced. If you are not familiar with the plan, or would like a refresher, you can check it out here: https://www.ontario.ca/page/reopening-ontario-after-covid-19

Here at Chimera Gaming, we have been discussing throughout the weekend what the best option is not only for us, but for our community and most importantly, the safety of that community. We are no doubt in a unique position, where our store not only acts as a retail location, but also as a gathering place for those who share a love for the games that we all play. We have concluded that; with the safety of our community at the forefront of our discussion, we will NOT be opening to the public at this time. We have plenty of options available and will work individually with customers who need special arrangements as we continue to closely monitor the situation.

Here is an outline of the services we are still providing while the storefront is closed:

1. TOURNAMENTS: We currently are running two standard events every week on MTGArena. Wednesdays at 7pm we have what closely resembles our in store standard weekly events. $5.00 entry/person which is put directly into the prize pool and paid out in store credit. These events also have 1 foil promo pack going to first place, 1 non-foil promo pack going to 2nd, and two non-foil promo packs given out randomly to participants which can be redeemed once the storefront is open again. Saturdays at 12:00pm we have a $500 guaranteed standard event that pays out to the top 12 finishers in store credit. The entry fee is $14.00. Entry tickets to either of these tournaments can be found here: https://chimeragamingonline.com/collections/events. We have also set up a discord for our community to be able to connect with each other, receive tournament updates, or just hang out: https://discord.gg/MaJNjfY All of our online events are run through the MTGMelee.com platform, a fluid, user friendly platform that was made specifically with MTG in mind. Our organizer page can be found here: https://mtgmelee.com/Organization/View/74.
2. PURCHASING/RECEIVING PRODUCT: Our online store is always up and running, and you can find a huge selection of singles and sealed product through our website: https://chimeragamingonline.com/. To receive product there are a few options available! A: Contactless Curbside pickup B: Contactless Delivery in Kitchener-Waterloo (minimum $25 order) C: Shipping (use code ‘EYEPATCH’ for free shipping on any order of SINGLES $100 or more in Canada). If you are looking to put in an order and none of these options work for you (i.e. you would like to do some trades), feel free to send us a message either through facebook, email, or discord, and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.
3. Ikoria Raffle: As a thank you for your continued support and incentive to crack open your packs within the comfort of your own home, we are doing a raffle for some Ikoria Box Toppers! Anyone who purchases a pre-release kit before and not including Monday, June 1st will receive an entry into a raffle for 1 of 6 Ikoria sealed Box Topper cards. Note that this raffle is 1 entry/kit purchased, while supplies last. This raffle also includes anyone who had already purchased a kit, whether it was pre-ordered, or during release weekend. Find them, as well as other Ikoria sealed product here: https://chimeragamingonline.com/collectio…/featured-products

Above all, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time. Feel free to send us a message if there is anything you would like to see offered that we are not already doing, or even if it is just to say hello. We miss you all and cannot wait till we are able to play some games with you again!

Chimera Gaming

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