Weiss Schwarz Mob Psycho 100 Booster Box

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    Originally created as a webcomic by ONE (creator of One Punch Man) and animated by leading animation studio BONES, Mob Psycho 100 tells the heartwarming tale of Shigeo MOB Kageyama and the friends he makes in his journey of self-growth and discovery!

    ☆ Product Information ☆

    ☆ SIGN CARDS ☆

    Every pack you purchase has a chance to contain a Sign card!

    • Setsuo Ito (as Shigeo MOB Kageyama)
    • Takahiro Sakurai (as Reigen Arataka)
    • Akio Otsuka (as Dimple)


    The cards in this Booster Pack may be used together with cards with card number beginning with "MOB/"!

    Special Items!!
    • 1 of 5 exclusive PR cards in every display box!
    • 4 Rubber Playmats included in every carton!

    Product Specifications

    Total 100 types of cards + 30 types (Parallel)

    ※ Weiß Schwarz (English Edition) does not include gold/silver campaign coupon.

    - $84.99

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